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Why should I work with Homestead, Inc


We Provide quick closings!

Since we are cash it typically takes us 10 business days to close the property. No more waiting on financing and appraisals!


You get compensated no matter what!

If you have a pocket listing we’ll have you rep us and you’ll collect the entire commission. If the seller doesn’t want to pay, we’ll compensate you 3%. Bottom line, you’re getting compensated for providing the opportunity!


We are hassle free!

No repairs no problem. We will buy the property in it’s current condition. Since we are also licensed agents, you wont need to hold our hand. Once we agree to purchasing terms we will get the deal closed with ease.


We are the end buyer!

Thats right. We are not wholesalers! The price we offer is the price we will fund in full ourselves at closing. No assigned contracts!

We are

Homestead Inc.

We are actively looking to buy more off market properties in Washington and Benton counties. Our primary source for finding new projects to buy come from leads that you send us! If you are looking for a legitimate cash buyer that you can count on to get the deal closed, give us a shot! We’d love the opportunity to earn your business by providing you hassle free cash closings

Homestead, Inc is a local real estate company looking to purchase off market real estate opportunities. Our main source for finding off market properties come from leads that our local Realtors send us. If you are a Realtor and send us a buyable pocket listing, we will have you represent us and you will collect the entire commission. If there is a situation where the seller does not want to pay a commission, we will compensate you a 3% buyer agent fee ourselves. We are able to do this because we also hold an active Arkansas Real Estate License. Our goal is to purchase discounted properties and to provide you a quick commission for the opportunity. Terms: Cash purchase. 10 business day escrow period. As-Is. No warranties. No assigned contracts. Areas of Interest: Bentonville, Rogers, Springdale, Fayetteville (Washington & Benton Counties) Property Types: SF Houses, 2-4 Unit Multi Family, Raw Land, and Apartments

We are the solution for all of your real estate deals!


The list goes on!

Two ways you're compensated working with us!

1. If you have an executed listing agreement in place, we will have you represent us on the transaction as well and you will collect the ENTIRE commission.

2. If you present us an off market opportunity where the seller does not want to pay a commission, we will compensate you a 3% fee ourselves.

Working with Homestead, Inc is simple!

1. Contact us through email or phone: soldoffmarket@gmail.com or 479-595-9277 with details about the deal.

2. We will provide you our terms and conditions within 24 hours. (Or sooner pending the sellers needs).

3. You present the offer to the seller.

4. Once under contract, we close in 10 business days and you collect a quick commission!

What our local Realtors say About us

I contacted Ryan about a property owned by a family member, that was really an issue.  The owner could not pay the mortgage and his mother was living in the house and refused to pay rent or the mortgage.  The house was suffering with some deferred maintenance too.  

Ryan paid our asking price in cash and the deal closed in two weeks.  

It was a smooth and easy deal.  And made a world of difference for my family member.  He told me at the end that it was really sad to have to sell his house.  But it was way better than losing it.  And the whole situation seemed hopeless to him, until I contacted Homestead INC.  

He advised me that closing this property, so fast, gave him the Hope he was badly needing.  

From my perspective as an agent, it was remarkably smooth and I loved his title representative at Realty Title, Celeste. She went above and beyond.  

Great deal all the way around.

Kathy Martine

Kathy Martine, Prime Real Estate & Development

“Quick and easy. The transaction could not have been easier. Great solution for my sellers situation.”

Zac Evins

Fathom Realty

“Working with Jared and Ryan of Homestead, Inc is always a pleasure for my clients and myself. They make the transaction simple, and we always get to closing on time.”

Colby Ward

Realty Concepts

“I’ve known Ryan since we were 16 years old and he bagged groceries for me as I checked out people. He was a good guy then and he still is. If there’s anyone I’m going to invest time in coming to see a property I’ve got it’s going to be Ryan and Jared. If they say they’re going to purchase something they will. I do a lot of distressed property and they are always my first call when I think something might work for their model. Don’t hesitate to give Ryan and Jared an opportunity if you have a property that is distressed or needs to sell fast.”

Kendra Murphy

Murphy & Co Realty

“It was great working with the team of Homestead, Inc! Jared and Ryan meant what they said and did what they said! Looking forward to a long and lasting rapport with them.”

Cecilia Foy

Century 21 Lyons & Associates

“I was representing a seller on a property that was about to close when the buyer decided to terminate at the last minute. Since I was in a bind I reached out to Jared and Ryan of Homestead Inc and they were awesome to work with! They were very responsive and the new transaction ended up being super easy. My sellers were very pleased and so was I!”

Pam Candler

Coldwell Banker Harris McHaney & Faucette

“Just had a great experience with Homestead, Inc.

They were so easy to work with. Kela Henderson and I had a pocket listing and we got to represent Homestead, Inc as well so we got a 6% commission. They are great to work with! “

Becky Daniels

Keller Williams Market Pro Realty

“Ok people, Ryan is the real deal. I won’t hesitate to bring more deals to him. I found an off market opportunity for a 16 unit apartment complex. The sellers wanted $1,000,000, they wanted an easy transaction, and they wanted a buyer they liked and could trust. I brought the opportunity to Ryan and he was all in, immediately. We had the deal under contract the next day. The sellers wanted to split the 3% commission and Ryan agreed to that as well. We closed 45 days later with no delays, no secondary negotiations, and, frankly, no other issues at all. I walked away with a gross commission of $30,000 in what was undoubtedly one of the easiest transactions I’ve ever closed! I look forward to the next one.”

Michael Ward

Colliers & Associates

“It couldn’t have been easier selling to Homestead, Inc. We faced several challenges throughout the course of the transaction and they stuck with it to the end when other buyers might have walked. Turns out I am a genius for having reached out to Homestead on behalf of my seller.”

Jay Downing

Flyer Homes Real Estate Company

“Working with Ryan was easy and painless for me and my client. We had a fast sell for my client. He allowed me to represent him as a buyer’s agent which was really nice since I was also the listing agent. Can you say, “Double side!” As a listing agent, who doesn’t like that? He did not ask for any repairs, which was great for the seller. Since he is an active Realtor, he already knew the ropes and I didn’t have to walk him through each and every step of the buying process. Working with Ryan was a win for the seller, which made them happy and a win for me because it was such a smooth contract to close experience.”

June Davenport

Keller Williams Market Pro Realty

“I really enjoyed working with Jared. The deal went smooth and I never had a worry that he would not come through. It’s great being able to work with someone who does what they say. That is a trait that is sometimes hard to find in this industry.”

Adam Daugherty

Equity Partners Realty

I have done several deals with Ryan in the last year, and he is the first person I call when I have a listing getting ready to go live or if I am looking for a hidden gem. Every transaction has been smooth and simple from start to finish. Ryan does what he says he is going to do and is diligent and punctual and an all around great investor. We just finished a non MLS sale in midtown Fayetteville in two weeks start to finish and had zero hassles! I am looking forward to a great partnership and working many more deals with Ryan.

Ulrika Belline

Keller Williams Market Pro Realty

“Working with Jared and Ryan has been a pleasure. They are quick to respond and have an easy and quick process once the home is under contract. I am looking forward to working with them more in the future!”

Megan Gage

Blue Canopy Realty

“Working with Jared has been easy and quick. My client needed out of her house as quickly as possible and Jared was able to get out there same day to check out the house, came back with an offer same day, and we went under contract. They’re easygoing and we were able to get my client what she needed!”

Becky Dorey Five Doors

Crye-Leike Realtors

“Jared and Ryan were super easy to work with and even accommodating. When you bring them a pocket listing it’s an easy way to work both sides. I look forward to the next one!!”

Kaleb Emig

Keller Williams Market Pro Realty

” We recently closed on a property with Homestead, Inc and it was one of the easiest transactions we have had! We had a client that wanted to sell their home, and we contacted Jared about buying it, they responded within 24 hours with a cash offer! We represented both sides of the transaction, and the property closed within 2 weeks and everyone was happy!”

Tawfeek Abohammdan

Blue Canopy Realty

“Property was under contract but an inspection revealed an extensive repair list of unknown items that needed to be addressed.  The buyers walked away, and the landlord was unable to address the needed repairs.  Homestead, Inc stepped in and made the transaction as easy as possible.  They negotiated terms, and 10 days later closed on the property.  No hassles, just a straightforward transaction.”

Bradin R

Weichert Realtors

“A buyer of mine needed to sell her distressed property before closing on her new one. The home needed lots of work and I immediately reached out to Jared with Homestead, Inc. He gave me a call as soon as I was licensed a couple years ago and explained their model. They were able to be very flexible with closing dates and provided a very stress free experience.”

Sutton Bartlett

Better Homes & Gardens Real Estate Journey

“Working with Jared and his team on a multifamily transaction in NWA was a smooth process from Contract execution all the way to Closing. Jared provided updates on all due diligence items, including financing, which helped provide peace of mind to all parties involved. Jared’s attention to detail and effective communication are attributes I value during any transaction. I would highly recommend Jared and his team as a trusted Buyer for your next deal!”

Josh Singleterry

Moses Tucker Partners

Realtor Frequently Asked Questions

All of Northwest Arkansas. Washington and Benton Counties. We’ll buy as far North as Bella Vista and as far South as West Fork, and everything in between!

If you have a pocket listing then we will have you represent us on the transaction as well. That way when we close, you’ll collect the ENTIRE commission!

If you bring us that lead then we will compensate you a 3% fee ourselves. We are able to do this because we also hold a valid Arkansas Real Estate License.

Since we hold active Real Estate Licenses, we have access to all properties on the MLS. We are primarily looking for off market opportunities.

  • We are 100% cash, that means no financing and no appraisals! What condition does the property have to be in?
  • Any condition! We have a team of contractors that can tackle any remodel. Once we agree on price, we will purchase the property in its current condition without requesting any repairs!

As early as 10 business days. Since we don’t have to wait for a lender or appraiser, we can close the transaction as soon as title is ready.

If the deal pencils, we won’t need to do a walk through. We will close on the property and inherit the disgruntled tenant.

We are not a wholesaler and we will not assign the contract to any other parties. We are the end buyer and will provide the funding ourselves.

Our model depends on repeat deals from our Realtors. Our goal is to be your Go-To buyer any time an opportunity shows up. If you don’t get compensated on the deal, we aren’t interested in buying it.

All property types! Our bread and butter are single family houses and residential multi family (duplex, triplex, quads), but we will buy apartments, raw land, and commercial properties!

24 hours or less! If you need a response sooner, let us know and we will make it happen.

Collect your quick commission today!

Quick, cash, & hassle free! You can collect your next commission in two weeks or less!

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