Frequently Asked Questions

What is the benefit of an agent sending their off-market deals to Homestead, Inc?

We are a fast and easy option you can use to sell your best real estate deals. Not only are we cash buyers and can close quickly, but you get to represent us and double side the commission as well.

How do you purchase properties?

We purchase our properties in cash. We are not wholesalers and are not interested in assigning contracts. The price we give you to offer is the price that we will fund in cash ourselves.

What terms and conditions are in your offer?

Since we are cash buyers, we are looking for properties that have enough of a discount for us to solve the sellers problem and make it an easy transaction for them. We don’t ask for repairs, termite, or warranties. In many cases where there is a hoarding situation we will allow the option of the seller leaving everything at the property that they don’t want and we will either dumpster or donate the items left.

How long does it take for you to close?

Since we are cash buyers we don’t have to work with the hassle of scheduling an appraisal, inspection, and other potential delays that can stall a transaction. We can close as quickly as the title company will allow. Typically, 2 weeks or less.

How do we know you are legit?

We have been in real estate for a combined total of 18 years. We encourage you to do your research and check us out. You can look up Homestead, Inc on Washington and Benton county assessors websites to see what we own and where.

What property types are you looking for?

We are open to all property types as long is it is investor worthy. Having enough margin to flip or a value-add scenario where we can buy remodel and keep as a rental. SFH, Res Multi Family, Commercial Multi Family, Raw Land, Commercial.

What areas are you open to?

We are open to all of NWA. Primarily interested in the four major towns but are open to the surrounding towns as well. Again, boils down to how good the deal is.

How long does it take to get our offer price?

Typically, within 24 hours. If it is a time sensitive property, please disclose that to us so that we can move that address to the top of our list.

What if the property has tenants in it?

Inheriting tenants is part of real estate investing. We are completely fine with purchasing an occupied property if the numbers work.

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